Buy now, pay later with Klarna

We have partnered with Klarna to provide you with an optimal buying experience. 


It's nice and simple

Klarna helps improve the buying experience. When you choose Klarna, you get the choice to pay for the product only after receipt. Shopping is the way it should be. Effortless, safe and fun.


My shoes have not yet been delivered, what now?

The bill will not be mapped until the shoes have been delivered. Send us a message to receive an update on your order. Please consult us before calling on Klarna. 


Can I cancel my order if I have paid via Klarna?

Unfortunately not. The shoes are made to order and we only purchase the shoes when an order is placed with us. In addition, it is unfortunately also not possible according to the law to cancel / return personalized products without the seller's permission.


Buy now, pay later with Klarna